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ransponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Ipswich

Most cars that have been manufactured in the last 20 or so years have a transponder of some sort embedded in the vehicle and in the key.  These transponders contain programmes that are unique to each vehicle.  Older models have transponders embedded in the car’s keys and which must be inserted into the vehicles ignition before it will start so that they make contact with the responder in the car’s ignition.  Recent years have seen the advent of keyless cars with transponders embedded in plastic cards or discs, and which have replaced the battery-operated remote controls, whether in separate units or embedded in the key handle.

Individually programmed transponders, embedded in the key’s shank, were originally introduced as a mechanism for preventing a car from being hotwired and stolen, but it does mean that if the car key is lost – whether it’s a conventional key and transponder, or just a transponder – you might think that you are in a bit of a quandary.  No need to phone your manufacturer’s agent – that will just cost you a lot more, Auto Locksmith Ipswich will come to your rescue. 

Auto Locksmiths have had years of experience attending to and programming transponders in motor vehicles.  Even if you are concerned about your vehicle’s unique code that must be programmed, the information that our team needs is easy to find because it is contained in the vehicle’s chassis number which you will find in the manufacturer’s log book or registration papers.  You provide this information to us and we will programme your transponder in no time.  If you don’t have the information on hand, our speedy mobile teams will head your way and they will get the information they need from your vehicle’s chassis.  Our mobile auto locksmith units carry blanks for the most popular brands of vehicles and have cutting-edge equipment with the most up to date software that will enable them to programme a new transponder and make the necessary updates to your vehicle’s software. 

If by some chance our mobile team does not have the equipment on hand to programme your transponder, they will ensure that your vehicle is towed to our premises where safely stored until the relevant hardware and software have been sourced.

So, if something goes wrong with your transponder and your car does not start, you will need to have your transponder’s programme checked.  We have the equipment and the most up to date manufacturers’ software that makes them the best in town to do the job.

Once your transponder has been programmed, make sure that you get a spare so that should something go wrong in future, you have a programmed transponder on hand.  Get in touch with the team at Auto Locksmith Ipswich for all your transponder programming requirements.

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