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Lost Car Keys Ipswich

Lost Car Keys Ipswich

There is never a good time to lose one’s car keys, whether you are at home or at the office.  If you have lost your keys, the team at Auto Locksmith Ipswich is on hand to help:  they have a full range of blanks for all makes and models of motor vehicles, so will be able to sort you out in a jiffy.

If you can’t get to us, just ring our workshop, and the operations team will send one of our mobile units to you.  These units are equipped with the latest in technology for cutting keys or replacing electronic keys.  Regardless the type of lost key, Auto Locksmith Ipswich will be able to help.

Each mobile unit is staffed by a highly skilled technician who will examine the lock, and based on the make and model of your vehicle, will replace those lost keys, and they will get to you, wherever in Ipswich you are, and replace those lost keys with the utmost care and speed.

If you are concerned that you have not lost keys, but rather that they have been stolen, Auto Locksmith Ipswich will provide you with a temporary solution until such time as you can have all the locks replaced – the ignition, doors and boot – so that you are assured that your car is once again secure.  Not only is the mobile van equipped with the necessary equipment and blanks for cutting conventional keys, but they have the technology that enables them to open electronic locks and then change the code for your vehicle’s immobiliser and alarm system.

You have just had a splendid time at the Ipswich Market on a Saturday morning, only to discover that you’ve lost the keys to your car.  You are worried that someone might have pinched them from your pocket and is driving off in your vehicle or that you won’t be able to get an auto locksmith out to attend to the matter on a Saturday afternoon.  Auto Locksmith Ipswich operate a 24-hour service with several mobile units, so just ring our office and a team will be despatched immediately. 

If you have lost your keys, whether you drive a Suzuki or a Skoda, a Dodge or a Daewoo, the team at Auto Locksmith Ipswich will be on hand to help.  The team is very sensitive to the fact that keys are not lost on purpose and that there is much urgency attached to getting them replaced.  The team will get to you within less than an hour of your call, and will quickly and professionally have your lost keys replaced and you will be on the road again.  They will also ensure that you have a spare set of keys to put in a safe place just in case you lose your keys again in the future.

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