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Auto Locksmith Ipswich

Auto Locksmith Ipswich

One does not often think of keys breaking, but they do; often at the most inconvenient times, like when one is late for a meeting or stranded somewhere in Ipswich.  If the key breaks in the car door, or ignition, try not to panic and just call us.  Do not try to get the broken key out of the lock, because you might damage the lock and need more than a replacement key.  Ring our office and we will despatch our mobile team which will extract the key without doing any more damage to the lock.  If you have provided our agents with the necessary information, they will bring a duplicate key with them.  If you do not know where to find the information, our team carries with them, the necessary blanks for a large range of motor vehicles from Jaguar to Jeep. as well as the equipment to cut a duplicate key on the spot. 

Perhaps more stressful is a lost key, whether your car keys have been stolen or you have misplaced them and you have no way of getting into your car.  Auto Locksmith Ipswich will come to the rescue.  Our mobile teams carry all the equipment necessary for cutting new and duplicate keys and for programming transponders which are so important for vehicle security.  If your vehicle is a new Lexus and you are concerned about our not being able to access its on-board computer, and that you should be calling the agent, be assured that Auto Locksmith Ipswich has the most up to date software for all makes and models of cars so we are able to quickly and efficiently programme your transponder.  If, for some reason they do not have the necessary application, the mobile workshop has the capability for logging on to the manufacturers’ website and downloading what is needed for programming the transponder.

On the other hand, if you would prefer not just to have a duplicate key for your vehicle but to have the entire locking system and keys replaced, we will happily perform this service.  Assuming the stock is on hand, they will do the work immediately.  However, if the new locking system and ignition must be ordered from the manufacturer, the work can be performed, at your convenience, either at a location you choose or in our workshops. 

Our skilled and professional team of auto locksmiths operates all over Ipswich and is more than happy to come to customers whether they are at home, the office or stranded on the high street.  Our fleet of vans, like our workshops, are all equipped with state of the art technology to facilitate quick and efficient cutting and replacement of keys, whether you have lost them or whether your key is broken.

Car Locksmith Ipswich

Car Locksmith Ipswich

If you need a replacement key for your vehicle, whether it is a Mazda or Mini, it is not necessary to go to the manufacturer’s agent.  Agents to do this work regularly call on car Locksmith Ipswich.  Our team, whether in our workshop or one of our travelling vans, will cut a new key quickly, cost effectively and efficiently. 

Can’t find your car keys?  You have searched everywhere – the office, your home and everywhere in between and you have come to the conclusion that you have lost your keys and you don’t have a spare.  Not to worry, we will cut you a replacement key in no time at all.  Either come into our premises or ring us and we will send a mobile crew to your home or office.  Regardless of your choice, all our teams carry a large selection of key blanks for a broad range of popular motor vehicle brands, as well as a full range of models from classic and vintage to the most modern.  So, if you drive a Renault or a Rover, a Dodge or Daewoo, call us for all your car replacement and Transponder Programming requirements.

Motorcars that are less than twenty years old all have some form of transponder as an anti-theft device.  For older cars, the transponder is embedded in the key, and will not start without that particular key.  More modern vehicles may be keyless, or the transponder is separate from the key, encased in a plastic disc or card.  Sometimes these transponders develop faults.  If this happens, just contact us for all your transponder programming requirements.  We have the facilities and the skills necessary for transponder programming whether the transponder is in a key or a separate unit.  Our positive relationship with all the vehicle brands and their agents means that we have access to the most up-to-date software that gives our technicians the capabilities of accessing your vehicle’s on-board computer.  So if your transponder has gone on the blink, and your car won’t start, just call us and one of our teams will stop by to sort you out.

We will come to the rescue, so don’t go poking around in the ignition – you could to more damage trying to get the bits of broken key out.  And most definitely don’t drive your precious car with the broken key – that can also cause more damage.  Our qualified and expert car locksmiths are best placed to help so give Car Locksmith Ipswich a call and our team will soon have you back on the road.

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