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Broken Car Keys Ipswich | Auto Locksmith Ipswich

Broken Car Keys Ipswich | Auto Locksmith Ipswich

When you get into your car, turn the lock and the key breaks off in your hand, and you cannot start your car, you think that you have a crisis on your hands.  Not really. Auto Locksmith Ipswich has the people, skills and equipment to help.  And they will come to the rescue. 

Keys like most things, are subject to a great deal of wear and tear.  Over time, they can become brittle and weaken and depending on the type of material from which they are made, and the key design, they can weaken and break.  Keys are made up of a number of grooves and cuts that make them unique, and over time, these wear and keys weaken and can break.  In addition, our car keys are often used for things other than unlocking and starting the car, like opening boxes or prizing something stuck on to the surface of something.  All this weakens the key and contribute to its breaking.

If you are fortunate that the key does not break in the lock, then all you need to do is come in to Auto Locksmith Ipswich and we well cut a replacement.

When a key breaks off in the car door or ignition, and you are stuck, do not try to remove the broken key from the lock or drive the car using half the key.  This could damage the lock.  Rather give us a ring. 

We have a fleet of mobile repair vans that are on hand for just this type of emergency.  These units are equipped with the specialised tools necessary for extracting every last bit of key that could be stuck in a lock.  Our technicians have done this a million times and will take the right amount of care when doing this intricate exercise to make sure that the lock is not damaged.  In addition, each unit carries blanks for every make of car, from Land Rovers to Volvos, and will make sure that when they have finished, your broken key is replaced and you are able to safely lock and unlock your vehicle again.

Extracting a broken key from the car’s ignition is not something you should try yourself because you run the risk of damaging the internal mechanisms.  We will be able to get every last bit of broken key out of the ignition without damaging it and additional cost that would have been incurred if it had been damaged.  We are reasonably priced and the fee will include a standard call out charge and, of course the replacement key.

In rare cases where an entire lock must be replaced, the friendly team from Auto Locksmith Ipswich will do it on the spot, and you will have the choice of whether you want to have all the locks in the vehicle replaced or just that one. 

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