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Lost BMW Car Keys

Replacement BMW Keys

BMW Auto LocksmithThe keys for early BMWs can be as much as 50 years’ old and beginning to succumb to wear and tear.  If this is happened to you, and your key is broken, Auto Locksmith Ipswich is the number one supplier of Replacement Keys in Ipswich.  If the key for your slightly younger Z3 has broken or damaged, we can as easily replace that key and programme the transponder. 

The BMW 3 series is very popular with young go-getters who can be a little absent-minded.  If your child is one of these and Lost Keys is a permanent feature of his/her life, Auto Locksmith Ipswich will perform Transponder Programming services that ensure that no matter how many times the keys are lost, you will only be able to access the vehicle with the most recent transponder.

The team of certified BMW technicians from Auto Locksmith Ipswich will either programme the transponder remotely from our Ipswich workshop or we will send a mobile unit and do the key replacement at the roadside.

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