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Auto Locksmith Felixstowe

Auto Locksmith Felixstowe

Auto Locksmith Felixstowe has the capability to provider Replacement Keys for virtually any major brand of vehicle from the Swedish Saab to the Japanese Subaru and everything in between.  Our workshops, whether at our premises or in our vans, are all fitted with state of the art equipment and carry the necessary blanks to be able to cut keys for all models, from the most recent model off the assembly line to the stately and vintage old ladies in the Rover range.

If your vintage Mercedes Benz key breaks in the ignition and you do not have a spare, no need to fret:  Auto Locksmith Felixstowe will cut a replacement key and have it with you in two shakes of a lamb’s tale.  You can either ring them with the make and model of your beautiful old lady or request one of our cruising teams to come to you. 

When you are already having one of those days, all you need is to drop your keys down the drain.  Lost Keys:  your worst nightmare.  Not to worry, Auto Locksmith Felixstowe will come to the rescue – our team specialises in cutting replacement keys and delivering them to customers in double quick time.  If you think that something more sinister might have happened to your lost keys, and you need a full replacement set of keys, our team will do the work either on site for you, or at our workshop, whichever is most convenient for you.  In addition to the keys you need to get into the car and get it going, they will also do the Transponder Programming that is essential to keeping your car safe.  It does not matter if the transponder is in the key for your car, or as is the case with the more modern, keyless vehicle, in a plastic card or disc, we cover it all.

Auto Locksmith Felixstowe s in addition to working directly with individual customers will also take on work that is sub-contracted by the agents’ manufacturers.  So, if you have a brand new BMW and you lose your keys, no need to waste time going to the agent, come directly to us and we will provide you with replacement keys with much less inconvenience and with great efficiency.

If you are concerned that all modern vehicles have on-board computers that make it difficult to access a vehicle without the correct software, our management team ensures that all our teams have the most up to date software on their portable systems to be able to access your vehicle’s system.  If your system needs updating, they also have the facility to do this, which is sometimes necessary for transponder reprogramming.  So, if your Porsche Cayenne’s transponder is playing up, just ring Auto Locksmith Felixstowe and our team will programme it for you.

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