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Auto Locksmith Colchester

Auto Locksmith Colchester

Most people assume that if something goes wrong with their car, they must take it to the agent, but is this the case when something goes wrong with the key or transponder for your vehicle?  No, your agent will sub-contract the work to an Auto Locksmith, costing you more in the long run. We provide all these services and more.

Key issues never happen at a convenient time, so if your key has broken in the ignition to your car, do not try to remove it because you could end up with more damage than just a broken key.  Call Auto Locksmith Colchester.  We provide a 24-hour service 365 days in the year.  Our call out fee is reasonable and our mobile units are equipped with every imaginable key blank for vehicles from Rovers to Land Rovers and Jaguars to jalopies, whether it is a classic vintage or the most recent model in the range.  In addition to the blanks, the vans are equipped with the equipment and our skilled technicians will painstakingly remove the broken key from the ignition to your vehicle and then cut you a brand-new key – in less than an hour. 

When you discover that your toddler has found your car keys and deposited them in an unreachable spot and you think your keys are lost for ever, never fear, Auto Locksmith Colchester will come to the rescue.  Call our operations centre with the particulars about your car, and they will bring you a replacement key, post haste.  If you do not know where to find the information that they need to cut you a replacement key, do not worry:  our team will come to you.  Our state of the art mobile units are on call and one is sure to be cruising in your area.  Each unit is staffed by a team of highly skilled auto locksmiths who are competent to re-model Replacement Keys for any type of family car, whether it is Chrysler or a Kia.

If it’s not the keys, then it is most certainly the transponder that is causing a problem.  Some vehicle models have transponders embedded in the keys while other, more modern vehicles are keyless and only operate with transponders.  Auto Locksmith Colchester will programme your transponder using the most modern programming methods, sourced from the manufacturer of your vehicle.  Our management team is committed to ensuring that all our teams have on-board computers so that if your vehicle’s programme is not in the system, they can download the necessary package to facilitate programming the transponder.

Auto Locksmith Colchester is always on call and is ready to assist with any auto lock problem, so if you have lost your keys, or your keys have broken and you need replacements or if you need your transponder programmed, call us today.

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