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Auto Locksmith Bury St Edmunds

Auto Locksmith Bury St Edmunds

When you come out of an important appointment and discover that your keys are missing between leaving the carpark and the office, our will gladly sort you out with Replacement Keys.  When you call our agents, they will request the relevant information about the make and model of your vehicle and will arrange for a replacement key to be delivered to you.

We will arrange for replacement of the keys and locks for the ignition as well as all the doors of your vehicle and the boot.  We carry replacements for all types and makes of cars, from the sporty Audi and Porsche to the five-door family Volkswagen and Hyundai.  Our mobile team will come to you and do it wherever you are, or make an appointment and bring your vehicle into our workshop and our friendly staff will replace the locks and keys for you there.

If it is not a lost key, it is a broken key.  As with anything breaking, it probably happens at the most inopportune time.  Do not waste your time trying to get the broken shank out of the lock and definitely do not start the car and drive it with the broken key.  Either of these courses of action could cause more damage than just a broken key.  Rather us and ask us to help.  Our agents will ask you for make and model and the vehicle identification number which contain all the details they need to prepare a replacement key for you.  If you are in too much of a tizzy and either do not have the information on hand, or cannot find these details, we will send our mobile unit to you.  Our auto locksmith will remove the offending piece of key and cut a new key for you and with your replacement key in hand, you will be on your way.

Vehicles that have been manufactured in the last twenty or so years do not just have keys, they also have transponders, which are essential anti-theft devices.  These are either embedded in the car’s key, as is the case with the Volkswagen Polo, or encased in a disc or card in the newer, keyless models.  As with everything, sometimes the transponder fails or they get lost.  Auto Locksmith Bury Saint Edmunds also does Transponder Programming so all you need to do, is to give us a call.

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